The PoisonExtractor™

is for everyone

Everyone can be stung or bitten – that’s why we have success.

We produce and sell a world-wide successful first-aid product. This is the solution, when a person has been stung by a mosquito, bee or wasp. No chemicals – just reverse the action when stung.

We have been in the marketplace for 35 years. Many people in many countries has acknowleged this simple device.

CE approved according to European Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC)
US FDA registered

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We have tried to achieve the highest consumer satisfaction by producing a high quality that is effective at an affordable price.

Sold all over the globe.

We are a flexible partner
And can handle both small and large volumes.
We have collaborations all over the world.

Furthermore, some organizations should get more attention:

  • The army
  • Allergic unions
  • Golfclubs etc.

The device is very suitable for being part of a first aid kit.


Easy to operate


Good and cheap price


Easy and safe to use


Approved by the Danish Medicines Agency

PCG Aps (Personal Care Group)

Thyrasvej 8 DK-2960 Rungsted Kyst - Denmark

CVR: 13169543

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