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The Poison Extractor™

A suction tool that extracts the saliva and venom that bugs leave when they bite and sting you.

You are stung.

The PoisonExtractor removes the poison and not just the pain.


Pull up for 10-30 seconds using just one hand – very simple, even for a child.


Turn the mouthpiece if stung on smaller parts like fingers. The handles are specially designed to scrape out a bee stinger left in the skin.

Our world-wide recognized
The Poisonextractor™
removes the irritant and the body stops producing the reaction that causes the itching and swelling.

When used immediately, extracts the venom from a sting or bite, giving fast relief for the victim. Ideal for use on Bee, Wasp and Mosquito stings.

The POISON EXTRACTOR™ creates powerful suction designed to remove venom from the body by sucking it out the same cavity through which it was injected.


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